Welcome …

to Stadler Custom Guitars. Based in Berlin but with roots across Europe. I strive to build unique instruments that inspire musicians. As a passionate guitarist myself, I build guitars with the goal of exploring new shapes and sound dimensions. Each new model I create is a step towards even better ergonomics and sound versatility. The instruments that have shaped and inspired me as a guitarist during my 40 year journey are starting points for my own design language enhanced by my personal views and tastes in ergonomics and visual design.

Custom Designs

There’s enough Gibson and Fender clones in this world. Although it is obviously hard to completely escape the design language of these iconic guitars my designs follow ergonomics, sound versatility and uncompromising quality of execution and materials while trying to find new and unique aesthetics.

There are currently 5 electric and 1 acoustic models in my lineup each of which can be configured with a wide variety of hardware and electronic features. Scale length(s), neck and finhgerboard profile and the choice of woods is up to the customer.

Natural materials and respect for the environment …

are the main guidelines for my process.

All my guitars are built with natural glues and finished with natural stains and shellac french polish to avoid the incredible pollution and waste of energy used in conventional guitar finishing methods.

Except for some CNC work (with a very low powered machine) 90% of the process is done with hand tools and elbow grease.

I try to use wood as responsibly as possible avoiding waste wherever i can and always manage to incorporate changes into my designs that allow for less waste.

Sonic versatility …

is one of the driving forces behind the electronics of my guitars. There is so much more in a guitar than neck/neck+bridge/bridge.

It all started with the Dan Armstrong superstrat wiring. I was just fascinated with how much more you could get out of 3 single coils than the traditional 3 or 5 way blade switch. Another epiphany came with the 6 position Freeway switches .. wow you can do THAT with humbuckers? Combining the Freeway with mini-toggle switches then really opened up the rabbit hole.

At first having two dozen different switch positions can be confusing for live use but the sound variations are so distinctive that you quickly remember your favorite positions. in the studio however this really comes to life when you can experiment with so much more versatility in EQ and dynamics.

All my electrics are usually with only one master Volume and one master Tone control. I’ve personally never seen the point of having individual volume and tone controls and it’s always a guesswork. I prefer to get sonic versatility through switching.